Make Service Fault Transparent

This article is an English one, because I really need to work on the language. Sorry if it is not easy to understand.

A Summary to What's Happening Recently

Recently in my campus, IT service is very unstable.

  • In March, many people posted on forums that they tried to top up campus Internet account by WeChat, but more money (maybe 100x) than they paid were topped up.
    • Later WeChat top-up service were disabled. Because most people were not aware of the existing offline top-up-by-card service, many of them became arrearage.
    • Several days later, campus Internet's charging system was disabled, which means you can use it for free. Later the charging system was resumed, but only charging at the monthly fee (not counting flux fee).
    • An unnoticeable statement was published then, indicating that it was caused by a bug from the software company.
  • On March 20th, campus card users who used their cards to drink hot water or eat breakfast, found their card locked. (Those lazy guys were not affected at all)
    • In the morning nobody knows whether the issue was being solved, until at around 11 (lunchtime) my school's instructor sent an announcement that "there will be unlock service in canteens, please keep order and don't panic at the scene". At canteens announcements by canteens' administrator is put up. Unlocking was quick and easy, but most people still went to canteens where Alipay is accepted.
    • Later that afternoon public statement by card administrator was out: It was a service fault (on BITUnion some said that it's a bug hidden for 14 years). IT staffs explained on BITUnion that they tried to work out solutions and mitigate the issue before they drafted public statements.
  • In these months campus Internet is unstable: During peak hours it became very slow or even unavailable. Maybe it's around 2%'s downtime (in a 24-hour aspect), looking not that much, but users surely could experience that.
    • The causes seem very complex. In my view, new DNS servers, old cache servers, new firewall systems, new upstream link providers and upstream link issue all can cause problems. And of course those new facilities all need to be fine-tuned, which takes time.
    • Currently no authentic statement is published. But in the IT service monthly report (which most people are not aware of), it said "Issue fully fixed, during peak hours upstream links can work in full bandwidth now". One of the reasons they mentioned was "DDoS attack causing network core server CPU instant usage up to 99% (usually ~20%)".
    • However, as student representatives meeting will be held, many representatives will raise the heated Internet issue onto the meeting. But I believe most of they will never get the point why this is happening.

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Don't Shoot the Puppy, Don't Wandering around

Viewed over 40,000,000 times, this game asked the question "how hard is it to do nothing?". From fake popup ads to fake blank screens to fake obstacles, players convinced themselves that this time the puppy needed help, but what we didn't realize was how many people could not just sit and watch for 10 minutes. Even though we sit through movies or TV for hours on end, Flash games are so ADD-friendly that many people lost patience and knowingly killed the dog.


This is the game. It shows that almost everyone online who is able to try it has ADHD.

The game tells us that a big challenge of people at present is how you stay foused in a bustle. The analogy is so vivid. How can the puppy of goals arrive at its destination when the gun is always ready to shoot, to go around.

So, just forget the bustle. Stay on what you are on. And there is always an end except you Flash crashes.

[Task Writing] The Voluntary Work

The passage introduces the heated situation of the teens voluntary work to support charity in America, in which the teens gain leadership skills and experiences of meeting people and working, according to a volunteer Gaby Lucy.

Doing volunteer work means a lot to growing-ups. We can learn how to communicate to people properly, gain co-operating and leadershop skills, and last but not least, meet all walks of people who has the same aim as yours. I had been working as a voluntary member in an association, which helps improve the canteens in my senior high school. My job was to ask students for their advice on the canteen service, which taught me the way to "interview" a stranger. I also met many fellows, who were kind and optimistic about life, and I will never forget the experience being in the association. I will be active if I have a chance to do volunteer work later.

In the modern society volunteer work is regarded positive and necessary. Thus we teenagers should take part in volunteer work to learn more about the society.

[Task Writing] The Time Machine

The passage talks about the author's thoughts of the film The Time Machine. If he could, the author would go back to the Berlin Olympics, where Jessie Owens won four gold medals, showing how wrong Hitler's ideas were.

It's an exciting idea to have had such a time machine to witness the past events and even try to make a difference. If I had a chance to go back in time, I would choose 1990's. I would travel around China to learn more about what was happening in that period. I would ask the ordinary people what they thought about the country's future. I would see what the nature environment and the social situation were like. I would also track my parents' life, where they should be plenty of happiness.

If I achieved all these above, I would have a better understanding of the development of China in the past 30 years. Thus, I would know what's the right thing to do in the future, cherishing the age I am in and creating a better life.

P.S. the example of the starting:

The author introduces the film "The Time Machine", in which the hero invents a time travelling machine to save his sweetheart. He also imagines where he would go if he could travel through time.

[Task Writing] Pros and Cons of Blogs

The passage discussed the pros and cons of online blogging, finally concluding that keeping a blog is beneficial while the public and the government should prevent it from abuse.

From my point of view, personal blogs are valuable. As a new kind of medium, blogs make various opinions spoken out, which is a must of modern society. For us students, blogs help us improve learning, writing and communication skills, as is listed in the passage. On the other hand, blogs may spread bad information, and thus the government should keep an eye on it. I totally agree with the idea in this passage.

I have my own blog online, which I created several years ago. It gives me a space where I can think in depth and write whatever I want to. I share my hobby and life on it. Some visitors left useful comments as they checked out my blog. I even gained a friend by my blog. Thus I recommend that students should have their own blogs so as to understand better about lives.

(topic is from 2012 Shantou civic yearly final exams of Grade 11)

结束通知 / Ending Announcement




Because of something tiring, I will not came back until some years later. I feel sorry to all of you. Maybe I will come back to write something, but don't wait for me. I'm not that Phy before. Thank you!


Quietly Going back

Today is Friday, and next Monday I will go to school as a Grade-nine student.

Because of the exam-oriented education in China, we have to face a lot of exams when we are students. I really take little energy in studying, but this year I have to work harder - (Pressure) Stress is coming.

It seems that I don't like a boy at all. Just now I have read an article in Sanlian Lifeweek, and a boy says that the good guys in teachers' eyes are always the girls who are obedient, sensible and clever. He also says though some teachers like a few boys, they are the quiet ones who like girls.(2010 No. 13, page 45:“当时这个男孩说,老师眼中的好孩子、好学生都是那些听话、懂事、乖巧的女生,就算有老师喜欢的少数男生,这些男生也是文文静静的,像一个女孩子。难道男生都应该那样才能赢得老师的关爱吗?”)I felt a little sad after reading this series named "Save Boys". In my opinion, I seem to be the boy mentioned in the article.

I was also thinking how to solve the problem, and the only way I have thought is to do sports. I'm not like a person who always talks to others. Now the problems I have(meet) at school are Chinese and P.E. I worry that one day other subjects would be bad as them, so I'm trying to control the balance between all the subjects. But, Chinese and P.E. are the problems.

(Pressure) Stress makes it hard to do other things. Maybe in Grade Nine, I will have no time to do something interesting. And, at that time, I will be quieter and lonelier.(That's a problem that I don't feel lonely while in the vacation... 🙁 )

Goodbye. And maybe I would be back next year!

Songs: The World("人间",Singer:(Wang Fei)Wong Faye)

Phy, at 17:12 on August 6th.

Impulsion and Self-criticism

There is a saying that "Impulsion is devil." These days, (I felt it really true) I found it really true. I am in puberty and it's easy for me to do things impulsively.

This afternoon, we were having classes at school. In the math class, our math teacher Mr Yin said:

∵k≠0, ∴k/3+3≠0.

Then I thought, when k is equal to 0, k/3+3=0/3+3=3. It isn't equal to 0, so it's wrong. It should be:

∵k<0, ∴k/3+3<0 即(then) k/3+3≠0.

I asked my classmates. They said nothing. I thought, that's a problem.

(When the class is over) When the class was over, Mr Yin walked out of the classroom quickly. I waited for a while, then I went to the teacher office. Mr Yin was phoning somebody. He saw me and smiled. I waited again.

Mr Yin looked free. I asked him the problem. Suddenly, I found my throught was not true. At that time, my math teacher was pressing his mobile phone, and he made another phone call.

I felt sorry and uncomfortable. A girl came in the teacher's office, and she put a pile of paper on Mr Yin's desk. She wanted to talk to Mr Yin. There were several teachers in the office. Though no one noticed me, I felt I couldn't do anything. At last, I walked out of the teacher's office.

I didn't think well. I'm careless about math. And, I seem really proud these days. It's important for me to think over myself now.

You may found my English isn't good at all. To write the text above, I looked up the web dictionary many times. I don't want to worry anyone, so I wrote them in English.

Maybe, that will be good for everyone.

At last, I'm sorry, I'm so careless that I made Mr Yin a bad impression.


Hello English world!

En, this is my first English blog.

These days I seem crazy. Just now I am reading It's a website about TV. But now, I have to go away.

Oh my life! Oh my our7!