Day 3 of the Positive Life

It turns out life locked inside one room can still be pretty busy (although a bit frustrating if you had plans outside). After this isolation weekend I didn't complete the supposedly Day 2 of the series, talking about what post-positive life would mean. I guess I would just do a quick check-in here for now as a dairy.

Day 2

For some reason I got up early every day recently — I am talking about 6 - 8 o'clock, which is a good thing 🙂 .

I no longer had fever for more than 24 hours, which is good, but I still had a sore throat and coughs. I even had a weird hot nose at night.

I went to the grocery store double masked in the morning and grabbed milk and fruits in less than 5 minutes. I didn't interact with anyone during the process. Maybe I should have felt guilty for this - I should really stay at home, but no one really would bring milk to my door, which is a problem. People in Shanghai maybe won't get milk delivery either?

Then I did some more more reading, cleaned part of my room (which I haven't done for months), listened to random music, scrolling through Twitter (finding Top tweet give you random recommendation in the past day rather than my following tweets past 1 day, and thus it had an ending, so I gave up), wrote the Day 1 of this thing.

For the meal, I cooked spaghettis and (my first time) Gai Lan a.k.a. Chinese broccoli (with beef slice as oil). Not too bad.

I also (finally) cooked sago that I bought maybe a year ago. It turned out just so-so. Maybe I was not adding the right condiments - maybe a bit more sugar?

In the evening I realized I won't be able to complete my daily walking goal without annoying my neighbor downstairs in the next few days. I looked up a bit, and I really shouldn't go to anywhere not-my-space, because isolation as it means, is to stop the spread of COVID-19 (see my government tongue?) by not passing my virus in public to anyone. Maybe this is what happens when I don't own a house which has a balcony. I don't regret at all tbh.

This is still the case for Day 3. I really missed 2 weeks ago when I completed the weekly walking recommendation in 1 day 🙂 .

Day 3

I don't think my symptom actually improved today. My nose no longer feels weird, but I still have a sore throat and coughs. My sputum no longer looked yellow though.

I still remember on Day 1 when I found that I had a yellow sputum, my parent saying "that is bacteria" and me thinking "COVID is not bacteria and this is really a Chinese-only interpretation"... until I did my test.

I slept a bit more today, maybe 14 hours in total. I spent the rest of the time going through my short reading list in Chrome (finding this OpenType feature demo very helpful). It turns out to take a few hours. Not too bad, but I thought I was going to arrange my room, write and catch up some "paid work" — maybe leave that "miserable" work thing to an actual workday then?

I don't know. I really thought this would be a weekend when I can finally got things done, and then it of course ended up in the old way. Change is hard.

Good thing though, I am still oncall and I haven't got a single page after I was sick. I just checked and my pager still works.

I planned to get some drive-through food and COVID test kits today, but I slept, so I gave up. Maybe tomorrow I will do one more test and head out then. I know this sounds irresponsible to some folks, but as a reminder, it looks like drive-through is the best way to protect others from me when I am outside (of course with masks).

I am expecting to receive some discounted HelloFresh tomorrow. I placed the order well before I was sick and I was just trying to start a new life :/ . Turns out this will be my "resource pack" during these days (as known in China as the government-sourced grocery pack during at-home quarantine/lockdown when you are simply not allowed to go outside of the building at all).

No, no Prime Now - I don't think they will come upstairs to send it to my door. I actually just cancelled my Prime membership recently. I figured I don't really buy a lot there. (Disclaimer: I am still an Amazon employee as of today.)

So instead, I had some egg noodles tonight. A bit tired to cook anything more complex. I figured this would be when in most cases I headed out for pick-up meals. That was not a positive lifestyle at all.

Good night.

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