Impulsion and Self-criticism

There is a saying that "Impulsion is devil." These days, (I felt it really true) I found it really true. I am in puberty and it's easy for me to do things impulsively.

This afternoon, we were having classes at school. In the math class, our math teacher Mr Yin said:

∵k≠0, ∴k/3+3≠0.

Then I thought, when k is equal to 0, k/3+3=0/3+3=3. It isn't equal to 0, so it's wrong. It should be:

∵k<0, ∴k/3+3<0 即(then) k/3+3≠0.

I asked my classmates. They said nothing. I thought, that's a problem.

(When the class is over) When the class was over, Mr Yin walked out of the classroom quickly. I waited for a while, then I went to the teacher office. Mr Yin was phoning somebody. He saw me and smiled. I waited again.

Mr Yin looked free. I asked him the problem. Suddenly, I found my throught was not true. At that time, my math teacher was pressing his mobile phone, and he made another phone call.

I felt sorry and uncomfortable. A girl came in the teacher's office, and she put a pile of paper on Mr Yin's desk. She wanted to talk to Mr Yin. There were several teachers in the office. Though no one noticed me, I felt I couldn't do anything. At last, I walked out of the teacher's office.

I didn't think well. I'm careless about math. And, I seem really proud these days. It's important for me to think over myself now.

You may found my English isn't good at all. To write the text above, I looked up the web dictionary many times. I don't want to worry anyone, so I wrote them in English.

Maybe, that will be good for everyone.

At last, I'm sorry, I'm so careless that I made Mr Yin a bad impression.



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