Quietly Going back

Today is Friday, and next Monday I will go to school as a Grade-nine student.

Because of the exam-oriented education in China, we have to face a lot of exams when we are students. I really take little energy in studying, but this year I have to work harder - (Pressure) Stress is coming.

It seems that I don't like a boy at all. Just now I have read an article in Sanlian Lifeweek, and a boy says that the good guys in teachers' eyes are always the girls who are obedient, sensible and clever. He also says though some teachers like a few boys, they are the quiet ones who like girls.(2010 No. 13, page 45:“当时这个男孩说,老师眼中的好孩子、好学生都是那些听话、懂事、乖巧的女生,就算有老师喜欢的少数男生,这些男生也是文文静静的,像一个女孩子。难道男生都应该那样才能赢得老师的关爱吗?”)I felt a little sad after reading this series named "Save Boys". In my opinion, I seem to be the boy mentioned in the article.

I was also thinking how to solve the problem, and the only way I have thought is to do sports. I'm not like a person who always talks to others. Now the problems I have(meet) at school are Chinese and P.E. I worry that one day other subjects would be bad as them, so I'm trying to control the balance between all the subjects. But, Chinese and P.E. are the problems.

(Pressure) Stress makes it hard to do other things. Maybe in Grade Nine, I will have no time to do something interesting. And, at that time, I will be quieter and lonelier.(That's a problem that I don't feel lonely while in the vacation... 🙁 )

Goodbye. And maybe I would be back next year!

Songs: The World("人间",Singer:(Wang Fei)Wong Faye)

Phy, at 17:12 on August 6th.

“Quietly Going back”的2个回复

  1. Songs: The World("人间",Singer:Wang Fei)
    王菲's English Name should be Wong Faye.

    Pressure is coming.
    Pressure makes it hard to do other things.
    应该用 Stress ,这个才是压力。Pressure 是物理上的压力…… e.g. I feel stressed.

    Now the problems I have at school are Chinese and P.E..
    P.E. 后句号省略。不需要两个句号同时跑出来的。
    这句话我觉得变成 Now the problems I meet in my study are Chinese and P.E.

    1. Thank you very much.
      From this I have to add one more subject for myself - English.


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