[Task Writing] The Voluntary Work

The passage introduces the heated situation of the teens voluntary work to support charity in America, in which the teens gain leadership skills and experiences of meeting people and working, according to a volunteer Gaby Lucy.

Doing volunteer work means a lot to growing-ups. We can learn how to communicate to people properly, gain co-operating and leadershop skills, and last but not least, meet all walks of people who has the same aim as yours. I had been working as a voluntary member in an association, which helps improve the canteens in my senior high school. My job was to ask students for their advice on the canteen service, which taught me the way to "interview" a stranger. I also met many fellows, who were kind and optimistic about life, and I will never forget the experience being in the association. I will be active if I have a chance to do volunteer work later.

In the modern society volunteer work is regarded positive and necessary. Thus we teenagers should take part in volunteer work to learn more about the society.


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